LML Processing center

  • The OSI SAF Low and Mid Latitude (LML) Centre is responsible for the development, production and distribution of LML sea surface temperature and radiative flux products.
    The responsabilities are shared between Météo-France in Lannion and Ifremer in Plouzané, both located in Brittany.
    • Research & development: the ocean team from the center for studies in satellite meteorology works on the scientific aspects of satellite data and develops the software used to generate the products;
    • Production & monitoring: the team from the center of satellite meteorology installs and monitors 24/7 the automated processing of the products;
    • Distribution: the team from Ifremer is in charge of the timely distribution on FTP server and Thredds;
    • Management: Météo-France is leading the OSI SAF consortium in terms of science, engineering, operations and outreach.
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