Workshop and surveys

  • The OSI SAF tries to answer to the requirements defined by its users community. In addition to the continuous activities related to user support, the OSI SAF experts meet users communities in specific meetings. Workshops are being organised to meet the users and to discuss on scientific and technical aspects.

  • OSI SAF webinars in early 2022

  • The Ocean and Sea Ice SAF (OSI SAF) team is presenting a series of webinars providing an overview of the OSI SAF products and their applications.

    The purpose of each webinar will be to show the products: explain how they are processed and validated, what they can be used for, and how they can be used. New means for accessing the data will be highlighted, and some on-line demonstration will be included.

    • 25 January – Sea Surface Temperature
    • 27 January – Sea ice parameters
    • 1 February – Climate Data Records
  • The webinars are also an opportunity for participants to ask questions, before or during the event. Users and potential users' feedback are leading OSI SAF development activities and updates.

    The webinars are aimed at both existing users of the OSI SAF products and those who are not familiar with these products. They are free and open to all.

  • OSI SAF past workshops and their outcome

    You will find below information on previous workshops and the material which was presented.

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