OSI SAF Privacy policy

  • 1. Controller




    BP 50747, 22307 Lannion cedex, France

    2. Contact person for the register


    Cécile Hernandez

    Contact information


    3. Data Protection Officer


    Emmanuel Legrand

    Contact information


    4. Registers

    OSI SAF mailing lists (central web site, Météo-France)


    5. Purpose of the processing of personal data

    • Contact information (first name, last name, email)
      • to inform the users about changes in OSI SAF products and services
      • to request your feedback and views to help us improve our services.
    • Institute, country, domain of interest to make statistics on OSI SAF products usage

    6. Legal basis of the processing of personal data

    Consent to store personal data has been given when the online form has been submitted

    7. Contents of register

    Email, first name, surname, institute (optional), country, domains of interest (radiative fluxes, sea ice, sea surface temperature or wind)

    8. Regular data sources

    Online form: https://osi-saf.eumetsat.int/?q=user/register

    9. Regular disclosures of data


    10. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA


    11. Principles of protecting the


    Register is located on the OSI SAF secure web server


    12. Duration for storage of the

    personal data

    The whole register will be deleted at the end of OSI SAF programme.

    If emails to a certain email address systematically return an error, the corresponding account is deleted.

    If someone has not logged in on the web site in the last 3 years and if this person is has not registered to service messages, the corresponding account is deleted.

    13. Rights of the data subjects

    Access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability.

    14. The right to lodge a

    complaint with the supervisory


    The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority regarding the personal data.

    The complaint can be sent to the French supervisory authority: CNIL, http://www.cnil.fr

    15. Recipient of personal data

    OSI SAF managers and web site administrators


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