Access to data

  • You can access OSI SAF products through the following means:

    • OSI SAF FTP servers and Thredds,
    • EUMETCast,
    • EUMETSAT Data Center (EDC).

    You can discover and visualise OSI SAF products through :

    • EUMETSAT product navigator,
    • EUMETView
    • OSI SAF quicklooks

    Some OSI SAF products are also redistributed by:

    • PO.DAAC,
    • Copernicus Data Stores : CMEMS, C3S

    Please look at each product description on the OSI SAF web site to see where you can find it and in which format.

  • OSI SAF FTP servers and Thredds

    The OSI SAF production is based on three subsystems. You can find

    To access the wind FTP server (hosted by KNMI), you need credentials (please request them to
    To access the LML FTP server (hosted by Ifremer), you need credentials (they are provided on request, after registration on OSI SAF web site)
    If you cannot use the FTP protocol, a HTTPS access has been implemented on Ifremer server.

    Thredds accesses are also available on HL server and LML server (see each product page for direct link).
    It allows users to access data through OpenDAP. WMS access is also available for all gridded and geostationary products (refer to each product page).



    EUMETCast is a multi-service dissemination system based on standard Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology. It uses commercial telecommunication geostationary satellites to multi-cast files (data and products) to a wide user community. EUMETCast also delivers a range of third-party products.

    More information on

  • Eumetsat_Data_Centre

    EUMETSAT Data Centre

    The EUMETSAT Data Centre provides a long-term archive of data and generated products from EUMETSAT, which can be ordered online.

    More information on

  • Eumetsat_Product_Navigator

    EUMETSAT Product Navigator

    The EUMETSAT Product Navigator is the catalogue for all EUMETSAT data and products, including third-party products disseminated via EUMETCast.


  • EUMETView_logo


    EUMETView is an Online Map Service (OMS) that provides these visualisations through a customisable web user interface (WebUI) and an enhanced set of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard APIs.

  • OSI SAF quicklooks

    The OSI SAF production is based on three subsystems. You can find

    • Wind quicklooks on the wind pages
    • High latitudes sea surface temperature, sea ice and radiative fluxes quicklooks on the HL pages
    • Other sea surface temperature and radiative fluxes quicklooks on the LML pages
  • Redistribution of OSI SAF products

    Some OSI SAF products are also redistributed via external services.

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