Global Metop Sea Surface Temperature

Operational Near real time product

GHRSST L3C global sub-skin Sea Surface Temperature from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) on Metop satellites (currently Metop-B) (GDS V2) : global 12 hourly synthesis on a 0.05° global grid

Acronym : GBL SST
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OSI SAF producer : Météo-France
Identifier : OSI-201-b
Digital object identifier (DOI) 10.15770/EUM_SAF_OSI_NRT_2011
Acronym for EDC (APNM) : OSSTGLB
Processing level : L3C
Satellite input : Metop-B/AVHRR
Other input : ECMWF outputs (temperature, humidity and aerosols profiles)
Temporal sampling : 2 per day
Central time : 00:00, 12:00
Timeliness : ? The timeliness is the time elapsing from the sensing time of the last contributing file to the product dissemination to users. It is similar to the latency. 6 h
Spatial coverage : global
Spatial sampling : 0.05°
Projection : cylindrical equidistant
File Formats : LML FTP Server (NetCDF4), EDC (NetCDF4), EDC (GRIB2), EUMETCast (NetCDF4)
Characteristics & methods : Subskin temperature;
multispectral algorithm

Global AVHRR level 1b data are acquired at Météo-France/Centre de Météorologie Spatiale (CMS) through the EUMETSAT/EUMETCAST system. SST is retrieved from the AVHRR infrared channels (3.7, 10.8 and 12.0μm) using a multispectral algorithm. Atmospheric profiles of water vapor and temperature from a numerical weather prediction model, together with a radiatiave transfer model, are used to correct the multispectral algorithm for regional and seasonal biases due to changing atmospheric conditions. This global L3C product is derived from full resolution AVHRR l1b data that are re-mapped onto a 0.05 degree grid twice daily. The product format is compliant with the GHRSST Data Specification (GDS) version 2.
Data Access

backup LML FTP server (last 7 days) :

EUMETSAT Multicast
Discovery mean(s) : Naiad
Accuracy Requirements
Target accuracy : monthly absolute mean difference: 0.5 K, sdt dev.: 0.8 K
Verification/validation method : routine comparison with drifting buoy measurements
Applications and users
Usage : Operational Met Services
Operational analyses and ocean models
Research or Environmental monitoring
Authorised to be operational / released :
Declared operational / released since :
On EUMETCast since :
On EDC since :
On FTP server since :
  • 12/01/2017: Stop the GRIB dissemination. The product is now provided only in NetCDF. This product format is compliant with the Data Specification (GDS) version 2 from the Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperatures (GHRSST).

  • Sep. 2016 : announce of plan to stop the GRIB dissemination at end of 2016

  • 12/07/2016 : start of the dissemination by EUMETCast in GHRSST NetCDF format, on top the GRIB format.

  • 23/02/2016 : this product supersedes the same product based on Metop-A input (OSI-201)

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