Meteosat Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperature

Demonstrational Near real time product

Hourly sub-skin Sea Surface Temperature product derived from Meteosat at 41.5° longitude, covering 60S-60N and 18.5W-101.5E and re-projected on a 0.05° regular grid.

Acronym : MET IO SST
OSI SAF producer : Météo-France
Identifier : OSI-IO-SST
Processing level : L3C
Satellite input : MSG/SEVIRI
Other input : ECMWF outputs (temperature, humidity and aerosols profiles)
Frequency : 24 per day
Timeliness : 3h
Spatial coverage : Indian Ocean: 60N-60S 18.5W-101.5E
Spatial sampling : 0.05° Lat-Lon
Projection : cylindrical equidistant
File Formats : LML FTP Server (NetCDF4)
Characteristics & methods : Subskin temperature; multispectral algorithms + bias correction
Data Access
Main Diffusion Means : LML FTP server (hosted by Ifremer) :
backup LML FTP server (last 7 days) :
Redistribution :


Other means :


Accuracy Requirements
Target accuracy : Bias : 0,5°c, sdt Deviation : 1°c
Verification/validation method : routine comparison with drifting buoy measurements
Authorised to be operational / released :
On FTP server since :
First date :
  • From 19/01/2021, processed with a new chain: improved SST methodology, especially the bias correction parameterization, using cloud mask from NWC SAF software v2018

  • This product format is compliant with the Data Specification (GDS) version 2 from the Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperatures (GHRSST).

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