Meteosat Indian Ocean Surface Solar Irradiance

Demonstrational Near real time product

Estimation of the solar irradiance reaching the Earth surface derived from the 0.6 µm visible channel of SEVIRI on board the geostationary satellite Meteosat. The product is remapped onto a 0.05° regular grid and expressed in W/m2.

Acronym : MET IO SSI
OSI SAF producer : Météo-France
Identifier : OSI-IO-SSI
Citation : See at bottom
Processing level : L3
Satellite input : Meteosat-9/SEVIRI
Other input : NA
Temporal sampling : 24 per day + 1 per day
Timeliness : ? The timeliness is the time elapsing from the sensing time of the last contributing file to the product dissemination to users. It is similar to the latency. 2 h
Spatial coverage : East Atlantic, West Indian: 60N-60S 18.5W-101.5E
Spatial sampling : 0.05° Lat-Lon
File Formats : LML FTP Server (NetCDF4)
Characteristics & methods : Algorithm is a physical parametrization applied separately to every pixel of a satellite image to derive an instantaneous field of the Surface Solar Irradiance. The hourly product is interpolated at rounded UT hours, by a pixel dependant temporal interpolation between two consecutive satellite images. The value in the daily product is the integration of all the hourly values in the UT day.
Data Access

OSI SAF FTP (main, full archive)

Directory: ifremer/cersat/projects/osisaf/radflux/l3/indian/

OSI SAF backup FTP (last 7 days)

Directory: ifremer/cersat/projects/osisaf/radflux/l3/indian/

Accuracy Requirements
Target accuracy : monthly (TBC) relative absolute mean difference: 10%, monthly relative standard deviation :30%
Verification/validation method : routine comparison with pyranometer measurements
Applications and users
Usage : Ocean atmosphere studies.
Authorised to be operational / released :
On FTP server since :
First date :
Full series temporal coverage : 2017-onwards
Citation : OSI SAF Meteosat Indian Ocean Surface Solar Irradiance 2017-onwards, OSI-IO-SSI. EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility. Data extracted from [distributor/distribution mean]: ([extracted period],) ([extracted domains],) accessed [download date]

The content within square brackets "[…]" is to be replaced with whatever distributor, period, domain or download date is relevant to the data being used. The "extracted period" and "extracted domains" are only needed if a subset of the data is being used.
Suggestions for "distributor/distribution mean": OSI SAF FTP server/the EUMETSAT Data Centre/EUMETCast/name and URL of a redistributor...
  • From 19/01/2021, processed with a new chain, using cloud products from NWC SAF software v2018

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