Global Sea Ice Concentration interim climate data record, release 3

Operational Climate product

The sea-ice concentration Interim Climate Data Record covering the northern and southern hemispheres. Associated to the Climate Data Record OSI-450-a.
L3/L4 daily files, and monthly average files, and monthly sea-ice extent/area indicator.
This product has two types of files; the nominal ICDR files with latency of 16 days, and so-called fast-track ICDR files with latency of 2 days, the latest being only available on the FTP server. The fast-track ICDR files for day D are replaced by the nominal ICDR files for the same day D when the nominal are produced at day D+16.

Acronym : GBL SICO ICDR R3
Product navigator reference :


OSI SAF producer : Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Identifier : OSI-430-a (complementing OSI-450-a)
Digital object identifier (DOI) 10.15770/EUM_SAF_OSI_0014
Acronym for EDC (APNM) : OR430ASICO
Citation : See at bottom
Processing level : L3+L4
Satellite input : DMSP/SSMIS from EUMETCast
Other input : NWP outputs (Copernicus C3S ERA5T, with ECMWF operational forecast as backup)
Temporal sampling : 24 h for the L3/L4 daily files. Monthly for the monthly files and indicator.
Central time : 12:00
Timeliness : ? The timeliness is the time elapsing from the sensing time of the last contributing file to the product dissemination to users. It is similar to the latency. 16 days
Spatial coverage : Global
Spatial sampling : 25 km
Projection : EASE2
File Formats : HL FTP Server (NetCDF4), EDC (NetCDF4)
Characteristics & methods : Daily averaged fractional ice cover in percentage.
Includes per-grid cell uncertainties.
Fully consistent with OSI-450-a, to ensure homogeneity.
Monthly averaged fractional ice cover are also distributed, as well as monthly sea-ice extent/area indicator.
Data Access

OSI SAF FTP server

Directory: conc-cont-reproc/v3p0


EUMETSAT Online Map Service

Redistribution by Copernicus Marine Service

Accuracy Requirements
Target accuracy : 8 % (yearly average)
Verification/validation method : Primary Method: Direct comparison against high-quality 0% and 100% SIC reference data (stemming from the ESA CCI projects, Pedersen et al. 2019). See additional methods in the comments at the bottom of this page.
Applications and users
Usage : Climate models, NWP and Ocean/Ice re-analyses, environmental agencies
Authorised to be operational / released :
Declared operational / released since :
On FTP server since :
First date :
Full series temporal coverage : 2021-onwards
Detailed history :

An ICDR complement each version of the Global Sea Ice Concentration Climate Data Record:

[1st release] OSI-430 complemented OSI-409 and OSI-409-a on the period from 16/04/2015 to 31/12/2019

[2nd release] OSI-430-b complemented OSI-450 on the period from 01/01/2016 to 30/04/2023

[3rd release] OSI-430-a complements OSI-450-a on the period from 01/01/2021 onwards. We advice you to use the latest release.

Citation : OSI SAF Global sea ice concentration interim climate data record (v3.0, 2022), OSI-430-a, doi:10.15770/EUM_SAF_OSI_0014. EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility. Data extracted from [distributor/distribution mean]: ([extracted period],) ([extracted domains],) accessed [download date]

The content within square brackets "[…]" is to be replaced with whatever distributor, period, domain or download date is relevant to the data being used. The "extracted period" and "extracted domains" are only needed if a subset of the data is being used.
Suggestions for "distributor/distribution mean": OSI SAF FTP server/the EUMETSAT Data Centre/EUMETCast/name and URL of a redistributor...
  • Verification/validation methods:

    • Primary Method: Direct comparison against high-quality 0% and 100% SIC reference data (stemming from the ESA CCI projects, Pedersen et al. 2019).
    • Additional: Comparison of SIC to US National Ice Center charts, to document the temporal consistency since 1979 (but limited by the low consistency of ice charts).
    • Additional: Comparison of Monthly Sea Ice Extent and Area time series with those of the US NSIDC Sea Ice Index (absolute level, departure from climatology, trend).
    • Additional : An evaluation of the uncertainties will be performed (at 0 % and 100 %, similar to in Lavergne et al., 2019). The traceability to SI units will be investigated.


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