Medium Resolution Sea Ice Drift

Operational Near real time product

Ice motion vectors with a time span of 24 hours are estimated by a maximum cross-correlation method (MCC) on pairs of satellite images. Input data are ~1km Infra Red or Visible data from the AVHRR instrument on board the Metop satellite.

Acronym : NH MR SIDR
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OSI SAF producer : Danish Meteorological Institute
Identifier : OSI-407-a
Acronym for EDC (APNM) : OMRSIDRN
Processing level : L3
Satellite input : Metop/AVHRR
Other input : None
Frequency : 4 per day
Central time : ~00:00, ~06:00, ~12:00, ~18:00
Timeliness : 6 h
Spatial coverage : Northern Hemisphere
Spatial sampling : 20 km
Projection : Polar stereographic
File Formats : HL FTP Server (NetCDF3)
Characteristics & methods : Single sensor analysis.
Displacement after 24 hours in km.
Including uncertainties.
Data Access
Main Diffusion Means : HL FTP server, last 31 days (hosted by MET Norway) :
Archive HL FTP server :
Other means :


Accuracy Requirements
Target accuracy : 2 km yearly std deviation after 24 hours displacement
Verification/validation method : Collocation with buoys
Applications and users
Usage : Ocean/Ice and NWP models, operational Met and Sea Ice services
Authorised to be operational / released :
Declared operational / released since :
On EUMETCast since :
On EDC since :
On FTP server since :
First date :
  • Replaced OSI-407 on 11 October 2018. Main changes are : use of satellite Metop-B instead of Metop-A, product computed 4 times daily (insead of 2 times previously), individual uncertainties for each ice drift vector.

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