Atlantic High Latitude Surface Solar Irradiance

Operational Near real time product

Daily Surface Solar Irradiance over Atlantic High Latitudes based on AVHRR data from Metop and NOAA satellites.

Acronym : AHL SSI
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OSI SAF producer : Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Identifier : OSI-302-c
Citation : See at bottom
Processing level : L3
Satellite input : Metop-B/AVHRR, Metop-C/AVHRR, NPP/VIIRS, NOAA-20/VIIRS
Other input : NWP outputs
Temporal sampling : 1 per day
Central time : 12:00
Timeliness : ? The timeliness is the time elapsing from the sensing time of the last contributing file to the product dissemination to users. It is similar to the latency. 3h30
Spatial coverage : Atlantic Ocean north of 50N and parts of the Arctic Ocean (+/-90° from 0° longitude)
Spatial sampling : 5 km
Projection : Polar stereographic
File Formats : HL FTP Server (NetCDF4), EDC (NetCDF4), EUMETCast (NetCDF4)
Characteristics & methods : Bulk parameterization, including over sea ice
Data Access

OSI SAF FTP server (last 31 days)

Directory: flux/daily

OSI SAF FTP server (archive)

Directory: flux/daily

EUMETSAT Multicast

Accuracy Requirements
Target accuracy : monthly relative absolute mean difference: 10 %, monthly relative standard deviation: 30 %
Verification/validation method : Routine comparison with pyranometers measurements
Applications and users
Usage : NWP, Ocean and biological modeling at operational and research centers, organisations mapping solar energy.
Authorised to be operational / released :
First date :
Full series temporal coverage : 2012-onwards
Detailed history :

The product series is operational since 2012:

  • version OSI-301 from 2012 to 19/03/2020
  • version OSI-301-b from 20/03/2020 to 22/05/2023
  • version OSI-301-c from 23/05/2023 onwards
Citation : OSI SAF Atlantic High Latitude Surface Solar Irradiance 2023-onwards, OSI-302-c. EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility. Data extracted from [distributor/distribution mean]: ([extracted period],) ([extracted domains],) accessed [download date]

The content within square brackets "[…]" is to be replaced with whatever distributor, period, domain or download date is relevant to the data being used. The "extracted period" and "extracted domains" are only needed if a subset of the data is being used.
Suggestions for "distributor/distribution mean": OSI SAF FTP server/the EUMETSAT Data Centre/EUMETCast/name and URL of a redistributor...
  • This product superseded OSI-302-b on 23 May 2023 at 12:00 UTC. The major changes are the following:

    • Inclusion of VIIRS data from NOAA-20 and S-NPP
    • Inclusion of Metop-C
    • Switch from PPS v2014 to PPS v2021 for cloud products
    • Adjustment of the cloud transmittance coefficient

    The product file format is mainly unchanged, except some additions/corrections to the global attributes. For more details, check the new Product User Manual here:

    OSI-301-c and OSI-302-c are provided in the same product file.

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