Newsletter #3

Newsletter #3 - October 28th, 2022
Hi from the OSI SAF project team !
Dear OSI SAF users, colleagues and partners,

Here comes the third edition of the OSI SAF newsletter ! While OSI SAF has transitioned into its next 5-year phase of activities, this newsletter gives us the opportunity to say "hi !" to all of you on behalf of the project team and the steering group.

We are always happy to hear from you and look forward to meet you and work together during this new phase !

The OSI SAF team.
Latest stories
Launch of a new development and operations phase at OSI SAF
The OSI SAF Project Team Meeting - Group Photo
The Ocean and Sea Ice SAF is 1 of the 8 EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facilities. OSI SAF celebrated this year its 25th Anniversary. It is one of the first Satellite Application Facilities that was implemented back in 1997. A new 5 year phase started this year marking the continuous development and operations of the SAF. Read this story to learn more about what's going to happen and meet the project team.
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Status of the sea ice at both poles - September 2022

Status of the sea ice – both in the south and in the north.

The sea ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic stands out this year as having ice extents among the top ten lowest on record. In the Arctic, the annual minimum ice extent has just been recorded as the ninth lowest since measurements began more than 40 years ago. In Antarctica, where winter is now over, the annual maximum extent is the seventh lowest on record.

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Debunking false claims about sea ice

Social media is regularly used to propagate false claims misinterpreting scientific data and implying that there is evidence against human-caused climate change. Polar regions are closely monitored and the satellite data that are used to monitor them are often subject to misinterpretations to question climate-change.  OSI SAF sea ice concentration satellite data is sometimes used in false claims about Arctic sea ice status. Find out how and learn how to read our data in this story.

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Debunking false claims about sea ice
Latest publications
2021 / Xu et al. / Wind

Xu, X. and A. Stoffelen, Support vector machine tropical wind speed retrieval in the presence of rain for Ku-band wind scatterometry
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 2021, 14, 7435-7451, doi:10.5194/amt-14-7435-2021.

What's up ?

OSI SAF is taking part in the development of an online training course 

The 6th edition of the Copernicus Ocean State Report (OSR 6) and summary has been published in 2022 with several contributions from OSI SAF experts to provide information on changes and variations in the ocean over the past decades.

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