Message Service #2496

09 August 2022

  • Sea Surface Temperature

OSI SAF High Latitude L2 and L3 VIIRS SST/IST still missing - update #3

As reported in service message #2493, the OSI SAF High Latitude L2 and L3 SST/IST VIIRS products OSI-205-b and OSI-203-b are still missing due to missing input NOAA S-NPP VIIRS data. The latest news is that NOAA will try to reactivate the instruments onboard the S-NPP spacecraft this week and start evaluating the data products next week, if activation of the instruments is successful. After that, we can then hope to start producing OSI SAF products from S-NPP VIIRS towards the end of August.

We are sorry for the problems this might be causing.

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