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18 November 2022

  • Sea ice

OSI SAF releases new sea ice climate data records

The OSI SAF sea ice team is excited to announce the release of their new sea ice climate data records (CDRs):

  • Sea ice concentration (SICO) from SMMR/SSMI/SSMIS missions (OSI-450-a), complemented by an ICDR (OSI-430-a), version 3.0
  • Sea ice concentration from AMSR missions (OSI-458), version 3.0
  • Sea ice drift (SIDR) from SSMI/SSMIS missions (OSI-455), version 1.0

The SICO CDR and ICDR v3.0 (OSI-450-a/OSI-430-a) are replacing the previous versions 2.0 (OSI-450 and OSI-430-b). The new version brings a longer time period, improved quality, and maintains most of the technical aspects from the previous versions. The nominal ICDR files are provided with a 16 days latency. A new feature is the fasttrack ICDR, with files provided with 2 days latency.

The SICO AMSR CDR v3.0 (OSI-458) is a full reprocessing and extension of the previous version 2.1 that was released by ESA CCI in 2017. OSI SAF will from now on maintain this data record.

The SIDR CDR (OSI-455) is the first release of a sea-ice drift CDR by OSI SAF. It builds on the methodologies of our near-real-time sea-ice drift product (OSI-405).

The data records are readily available through FTP ( and Thredds (, and will soon be available at the EUMETSAT Data Center.

More information about these climate data records, including user documentation, are available on the OSI SAF web portal:

For any questions regarding these data records, please contact us through our helpdesk or on email

OSI SAF sea ice team


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