HY-2B 25 km wind vectors

Development Near real time product

Near-real time level 2 ocean wind vectors on a 25 km swath grid, based on the backscatter measurements of the Chinese National Satellite Ocean Application Service (NSOAS) HY-2B/HSCAT scatterometer.

Acronym : HY2B25
OSI SAF producer : Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Identifier : OSI-114-a
Acronym for EDC (APNM) : OHBSW025
Processing level : L2
Satellite input : HY-2B/ HSCAT
Other input : NWP outputs (wind, SST, land-sea mask)
Frequency : 15 files per day
Central time : NA
Timeliness : 10 hours*
Spatial coverage : Global
Spatial sampling : 25 km
Projection : Swath
File Formats : WIND FTP Server (BUFR), WIND FTP Server (NetCDF3), EDC (BUFR), EDC (NetCDF3), EUMETCast (BUFR)
Characteristics & methods : Swath sigma0’s and wind vectors
Accuracy Requirements
Target accuracy : Better than 2 m/s in wind component Stdev with a bias of less than 0.5 m/s in wind speed on a monthly basis.
Verification/validation method : Triple collocation with NWP and buoys
Applications and users
Usage : * Operational Met Services
* Operational analyses and ocean models
* Research or Environmental monitoring.
  • *  Notes: 45% of the data is available after 3 hours. Timeliness will depend on the number of data downloads through the ground station in Finland (or other polar ground stations).

    • See also OSI-114-b (HY-2B 50 km wind vectors)
    • The distribution of this product is subject to the conditions set in the EUMETSAT-NSOAS cooperation agreement.
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