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02 May 2023

  • Radiative fluxes

Upgrade of OSI SAF high latitude Flux products

The OSI SAF Flux products is ready for upgrade. The current longwave (OSI-301-b) and shortwave (OSI-302-b) downward products will be replaced with the new versions, which have product IDs OSI-301-c and OSI-302-c. As before, these two products are provided in the same product file.
The major changes are the following:

  • Inclusion of VIIRS data from NOAA-20 and S-NPP
  • Inclusion of Metop-C
  • Switch from PPS v2014 to PPS v2021 for cloud products
  • Adjustment of the cloud transmittance coefficient

The product file format is mainly unchanged, except some additions/corrections to the global attributes. For more details, check the new Product User Manual here:

This change will be implemented as a hard switch in our distribution to FTP and EUMETCast on 23-05-2023 at 12:00 UTC. Until then, the new product files are available on the following test directory on our FTP server:

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