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  • Radiative fluxes

Unvailability of some products on LML ftp server (Ifremer)

Due to a partial internal outage on IFREMER server, some products are late or missing since 20220118T09:30Z

At the moment, only the following hourly products are concerned:

[OSI-303-a] Meteosat Downward Longwave Irradiance

[OSI-304-a] Meteosat Solar Surface Irradiance

[OSI-305-a] GOES-East Downward Longwave Irradiance

[OSI-306-a] GOES-East Solar Surface Irradiance

[OSI-IO-DLI] Meteosat Indian Ocean Downward Longwave Irradiance

[OSI-IO-SSI] Meteosat Indian Ocean Solar Surface Irradiance

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