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Switch from Meteosat-8 to Meteosat-9 over Indian Ocean planned on 23 June

Meteosat-8 (IODC for Indian Ocean Data Coverage), providing coverage of the Indian Ocean from the geostationary orbit in position 41.5°E, will be replaced by Meteosat-9 in 45.5°E in OSI SAF products on the 23 of June around 08:00 UTC.

Please note that Meteosat-9 will cover the area between 14.5°E and 105.5°E, instead of 18.5°E to 101.5 °E for Meteosat-8. We are confident that the quality of the product will be as good as before but the file_quality_level will be set to 0 (unknown quality) until the validation of the products can be fully performed.

Tests files based on Meteosat-9 are available on the LML FTP server hosted by Ifremer, in the same directories as products based on Meteosat-8 (in the sub-directories 2022/158):
[daily OSI-IO-DLI and OSI-IO-SSI]  
[hourly OSI-IO-DLI and OSI-IO-SSI]

And the files are named as follows:
[daily OSI-IO-DLI and OSI-IO-SSI]
[hourly OSI-IO-DLI and OSI-IO-SSI]

These products are not distributed on EUMETCast.

The ATBDs and the PUMs will be updated to reflect these changes.

Don't hesitate to contact us through the helpdesk if you have any question or comment.

Impacted products :

[OSI-IO-SST] Meteosat Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperature

[OSI-IO-DLI] Meteosat Indian Ocean Downward Longwave Irradiance

[OSI-IO-SSI] Meteosat Indian Ocean Surface Solar Irradiance


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