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Start of operational dissemination of OSI SAF HY-2B and HY-2C wind products

Dear wind product user,

The dissemination of OSI SAF HY-2B and HY-2C 25 km and 50 km wind products with operational status (OSI-114-a, OSI-114-b, OSI-115-a and OSI-115-b) on EUMETCast will start on 4 November. The HY-2B and HY-2C satellites were launched by the Chinese National Satellite Ocean Application Service (NSOAS) and both carry an HSCAT scatterometer. NSOAS kindly provides the near-real time input data for the OSI SAF wind products. The data will be made available on EUMETCast in BUFR format.

Example file names:
W_NL-KNMI-DeBilt,SURFACE+SATELLITE,HY-2B+HSCAT_C_EHDB_20210923025310_14603_o_250_ovw_l2.bin for HY-2B 25 km swath grid spacing, OSI-114-a
W_NL-KNMI-DeBilt,SURFACE+SATELLITE,HY-2B+HSCAT_C_EHDB_20210923025310_14603_o_500_ovw_l2.bin for HY-2B 50 km swath grid spacing, OSI-114-b
W_NL-KNMI-DeBilt,SURFACE+SATELLITE,HY-2C+HSCAT_C_EHDB_20210922102149_05014_o_250_ovw_l2.bin for HY-2C 25 km swath grid spacing, OSI-115-a
W_NL-KNMI-DeBilt,SURFACE+SATELLITE,HY-2C+HSCAT_C_EHDB_20210922102152_05014_o_500_ovw_l2.bin for HY-2C 50 km swath grid spacing, OSI-115-b

The products are already available now on the KNMI FTP server in BUFR and NetCDF format, in directories
/scat/hy2b (HY-2B BUFR)
/scat/hy2c (HY-2C BUFR)
/scat/netcdf/hy2b (HY-2B NetCDF)
/scat/netcdf/hy2c (HY-2C NetCDF)
If you don't have access to the KNMI FTP server then please contact for credentials.

The Product User Manual for the HY-2 winds can be found here: The products are visualised here:

Technical information about the EUMETCast dissemination:
Europe Channel: E1B-SAF-1
Europe Multicast address:
Europe PID: 500
Africa Channel: A1C-SAF-1
Africa PID: 100
Africa Multicast address:

EUMETCast Terrestrial
Channel: T01-SAF
Multicast Address:

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