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05 February 2024

  • Sea ice

Planned outage of AMSR2 data

Data from the AMSR2 instrument will be unavailable from the data provider JAXA during these two periods:
- 01:00 - 08:30 February 6th, 2024(UTC)
- 03:00 - 07:00 February 7th, 2024(UTC)
This will influence the following OSI SAF products:
- L2 AMSR2 SICO (OSI-410-a), unavailable during the two periods,
- L3 AMSR2 SICO (OSI-408-a), will experience missing sectors of data,
- SIED and SITY (OSI-402-d, OSI-403-d): only ASCAT and SSMIS will be used where AMSR2 is missing,
- LR SIDR (OSI-405-c): In southern hemisphere will experience missing sectors (only AMSR2 is used during the summer period), in northern hemisphere only SSMIS and ASCAT will be used where AMSR2 is missing.

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