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OSI SAF: Upgrade of Sea Ice Edge and Type products

The OSI SAF Sea Ice Team is pleased to announce that the Sea Ice Edge and Type products are being upgraded and are now available to users. The upgraded products are labelled OSI-402-d and OSI-403-d.

The main changes with respect to the predecessor products (OSI-402-c and OSI-403-c) are the following:
Introducing for the first time Sea Ice Type for the Southern Hemisphere.
Using Metop-B and -C, instead of Metop-A og -B.
Switching from NetCDF3 to NetCDF4 as product format.
Introducing associated uncertainty fields. The uncertainty field replaces the previous ‘confidence level” variable which will disappear. The confidence level can be reconstructed from the new uncertainty variable.

The new and old products will be available in parallel from now until 18.05.2021 for users to adapt to the new product on FTP (not on EUMETCast) here:
old product: and
new product: and
The new product is also available on a test archive:

From 18.05.2021 the new product will replace the old product as the operational product on both FTP and EUMETCast.

Link to web pages with more details  and documentation for the new products: 

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