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26 March 2024

  • Wind

OSI SAF Oceansat-3 OSCAT winds available on KNMI FTP server

We are happy to announce that as of today the near-real time OSI SAF Oceansat-3 OSCAT 25 km and 50 km winds (products OSI-113-a and -b) are available with development status. The OSCAT scatterometer on Oceansat-3 is similar to the instrument which flew on the Oceansat-2 and ScatSat-1 missions. The input backscatter data are kindly provided by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The BUFR products are available on the KNMI FTP server in directory /scat/oceansat3 and the NetCDF products are available in directory /scat/netcdf/oceansat3. If you don't have access (yet) to the FTP server then please contact for credentials. The products are visualised on (25 km) and on (50 km).

The wind products have similar quality as the other OSI SAF wind products from Ku-band instruments (OSCAT, HSCAT). We are further working on the validation and review of the products, once this is completed the dissemination through EUMETCast will start.

Your feedback is most welcome!

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