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19 January 2024

  • Wind

OSI SAF Ku-band scatterometer wind data records released

The second releases of the OSI SAF SeaWinds/QuikSCAT and Oceansat-2/OSCAT scatterometer level 2 wind data records are now available to users. Also, the first release of the OSI SAF ISS/RapidScat level 2 wind data records is available. The Climate Data Records (CDRs) have been created using the latest state-of-the-art wind retrieval algorithms. Scatterometer data have been collocated with ECMWF ERA5 winds and scatterometer level 2 wind products have been created at 25 km and 50 km swath grids.

The data records, in BUFR and NetCDF format, are available online from the EUMETSAT Data Centre after registration. SeaWinds 25 km winds (OSI-151-c) 1999-2009 SeaWinds 50 km winds (OSI-151-d) Oceansat-2 25 km winds (OSI-153-c) 2009-2014 Oceansat-2 50 km winds (OSI-153-d) RapidScat (ISS) 25 km winds (OSI-159-a) 2014-2016 RapidScat (ISS) 50 km winds (OSI-159-b)


The Product User Manual is available on information is available on the OSI SAF website:

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