Message Service #2507

24 August 2022

  • Sea Surface Temperature

OSI SAF High Latitude L2 and L3 VIIRS SST/IST now available again

The OSI SAF High Latitude L2 and L3 S-NPP VIIRS SST/IST products OSI-203-b and OSI-205-b are now finally back in production and distribution again.

As reported in service message #2493, #2495 and #2496 these products have been missing since end of July, due to outage of the S-NPP satellite. The satellite is now functioning nominal again and the data from the VIIRS instrument was declared ready for operational use since 18th August. The OSI SAF team has run the SST/IST processor for these data since and validating the products from 19-23th August indicate also nominal quality of the SST product (IST validation data only available in delayed mode).

Therefor we are pleased to announce that the OSI-203-b and OSI-205-b products are declared operational again from 24th August and are available through the normal channels (FTP, THREDDS, EUMETCast, EDC).

OSI SAF High Latitude team

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