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OSI SAF and EARS ASCAT wind products on the GTS

As announced previously, the Metop-A ASCAT wind products will be discontinued on 15 October (regional EARS winds) an on 15 November (global OSI SAF winds). Since, contrary to Metop-A, the Metop-B and Metop-C ASCAT winds are not distributed on the Global Telecommunication System (GTS), ASCAT winds will not be disseminated any more through the GTS after the retirement of Metop-A. The other means to get the ASCAT winds are EUMETCast, the KNMI FTP server, the EUMETSAT Data Centre and the NASA/JPL PO.DAAC.


We have currently no view on the usage of the ASCAT winds trough the GTS. Therefore we kindly ask you to contact us at in case you ingest these products via the GTS and the above mentioned alternatives do not fit your needs.

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