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New Product OSI SAF Level 2 Sea Ice Concentration product OSI-410

Dear OSI SAF Sea Ice Concentration User,

OSI SAF is happy to announce the dissemination start of the new OSI SAF Level 2 Sea Ice Concentration product, OSI-410, on 22 July 2021 through EUMETCast.
The new Level 2 sea ice concentration is complementary to the existing Level 3 sea ice concentration products, OSI-401-b and OSI-408.
The Level 2 product is computed from SSMIS and AMSR-2 Level 1 data. The products are delivered up to 15 times per day for each SSMIS satellite (F16, F17, F18), and up to 30 times per day for AMSR-2. The difference in frequency is due to differences in the frequencies of the reception of input data. SSMIS is received once each full orbit while AMSR-2 is received per half-orbit.
The level 2 sea ice concentration, OSI-410, is delivered including uncertainty estimates.
More details and documentation for the new product can be found on the OSI SAF web page:
The the new product can already be downloaded from the OSI SAF HL FTP server hosted by MET Norway:
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