Message Service #2938

03 July 2024

  • Sea Surface Temperature
  • Radiative fluxes

Ifremer disssemination of LML products now OK.

Due to an issue, Ifremer disssemination of LML products were unavailable from  2024-07-03T07:20 to 12:24Z.

Dissemination is now nominal.


Missing files will be re-uploaded.


Impacted products :

[OSI-206-a] Meteosat Sea Surface Temperature

[OSI-303-a] Meteosat Downward Longwave Irradiance

[OSI-304-a] Meteosat Solar Surface Irradiance

[OSI-207-b] GOES-East Sea Surface Temperature

[OSI-305-b] GOES-East Downward Longwave Irradiance

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