Observing oceans from space

The OSI SAF develops, processes and distributes, in near real-time, products related to key parameters of the ocean-atmosphere interface. The OSI SAF also offers climatological data records.

The OSI SAF team focuses on sea surface winds, sea and sea ice surface temperature, radiative fluxes : downward longwave irradiance and surface solar irradiance, sea ice concentration, edge, type, emissivity, drift.

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The OSI SAF has three operational processing centers. The wind processing is performed at KNMI in De Bilt, Netherlands. The sea ice processing is performed at the High Latitude processing facility, operated jointly by the Norwegian and Danish Meteorological Institutes, respectively in Oslo and Copenhagen. The Low and Mid-Latitude (LML) processing facility, processing sea surface temperature and radiative fluxes, is operated by Météo-France in Lannion and by Ifremer in Plouzané.



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Scientific publications about OSI SAF products

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  • Guinaldo et al. / 2023

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  • Zhen et al. / 2023

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